The Best Time to Eat Carbs and Proteins to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle

Many people chose to go on a low carbs diet in order to lose weight and gain some muscle. But if you follow such a diet you still need to consume some carbohydrates, and the questions is when it is a good time to do so? We all heard that is not a good idea to eat carbs at night or after 6 pm.

In order to lose weight and gain some muscle you need to eat between 4 to 6 meals a day. If there are days when you train really hard, you should have a snack before and after your workout. This snack
should be composed of 60% protein, 20% carbs and 20% fats. Usually a whey protein shake with milk, cheese and some natural fat (like peanut butter) will do the trick. It is also a good idea to have a small meal before going to bed so that your metabolism does not slows down.

When to eat carbs?

The best time to eat carbs is 30 minutes prior to your training session and 30 after the training.

Remember to also add some high quality protein and fat.

The reason you eat carbs before a workout is to get that boost of energy you need in order to complete your training. It is recommended to consume carbohydrates after a workout because you need to replenish the source of energy lost during your training, so that you can rebuild the muscles.

When to eat Proteins?

We all know that we should consume a protein shake right after a workout in order to rebuild muscles. But studies showed that eating proteins before your training session also has benefits. You get a higher response from your body when you eat proteins before and this can have a huge positive impact on your workout.

Therefore you should consume both, proteins and carbs before and after an workout. It is also important to mention that proteins should be taken within 30 minute of completing your training session in order to get the most benefits. Research shows that people who consumed proteins 2h after their workout did not show an increase in muscle size as the ones that took proteins immediately after the workout.

The need to take supplements before and after a workout for maximum benefits was also proven by a study made by Cribb and Hayes. Young men that performed weight lifting and resisting training had more strength and muscle gains if they had a protein/carbs supplement before and after their workout then the ones that consumed the same supplement in the morning and evening.

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