How to Lose Belly Fat For Women - 3 Fast Tips For Instant Success

When it comes to ways to lose belly fat, women have an inherent advantage. A woman's body is exquisitely responsive to three supplements that aren't quite as useful for men. While there are no miracle cures that make it possible to lose tummy fat, women get visible results from these safe, effective, and inexpensive stomach fat cures.

1. Alpha-lipoic acid is a unique antioxidant that can be absorbed directly inside fat cells. Once inside this cell, it cooperates with the B vitamins biotin and niacin to expand the mitochondria, the energy-producing centers in the cell. The larger the mitochondria, the more the cell burns fat for energy rather than saving it for the future. And because alpha-lipoic acid is also anti-inflammatory, fluid that gets trapped between fat cells is free to move. The bloodstream moves this fluid to the kidneys and the result is a more normal contour, bulging bellies transformed into flatter (although not usually flat) surfaces just after taking the supplement.

2. Hydroxycitric acid, better known as HCA, is a tropical fruit extract with an unusual effect: It encourages the body to recycle the collagen that holds fat cells in place in belly fat tissues. "Naked" cells are exposed to more regulatory chemicals from the bloodstream, and they naturally give up the fat they had not received the signals to give up before.

3. Green tea, especially a green tea supplement called a polyphenol, accelerates the metabolism in fat cells. It's easy to forget that even these type of cells need energy. If more fat is burned by the cell itself, less and less effort is needed to lose weight. Green tea antioxidants keep you from losing weight without caffeine, but they help you lose weight if the green tea nutrients are taken with up to 300 mg of caffeine, about the amount of caffeine you get from two cups of coffee. The easiest way to get the benefits of green tea is to take supplement capsules.

These three supplements are not a miracle cure for belly fat-but they really, really help. With these three supplements you will be able to get rid of belly fat for good with a lot less dieting and a lot less exercise.

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