The Best Fat Burning Workout For Women

Are you in search of the best fat burning workout for women? If so, then you will probably be disappointed at knowing that there is no such thing as "best" although there are some workouts that are better than others. Some of the most popular workouts are super-sets, circuits, intervals, and even body weight workouts. The great thing about these four types of workouts is that they are all focused on people who want to get a quality workout in a short amount of time. If you are a busy mom then some of these workouts can even be done at home. Whatever your circumstance may be there is a workout for every woman.

Body Weight Workouts

Some people would argue that using your body-weight is the best fat burning workout for women. This is a big claim to make but using your own body weight for resistance does have its advantages. A good thing about using your body-weight is that you will never need a single iron weight because your body provides all the resistance. So whether you are a mom at home or a business woman at a hotel room you can do these workouts wherever you are at. Some would even argue that using your own weight is a lot harder than using free weights. Whether this is true or not the only important thing is that you can always do a workout without a gym.

Interval Training Workouts

Interval training is also great because it is an amazing fat burning workout for women. Intervals can be done at home if you have a treadmill. If you are at a hotel room then you are also in luck because 99 percent of hotel rooms now have treadmills. The awesome thing about doing intervals is that they only take about 20 minutes to complete. In those 20 minutes you will shed more belly fat than with any other cardio program.

As you can see, there are plenty of good workouts for women. Some other ones to consider are super-set training and circuit training. These workouts are good because they help you build muscle and you build cardiovascular endurance at the same time.

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